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Zooming Toward Us: Final, Critical 6 Weeks of 2012 Campaigns – THE 6 Weeks When 150 million Americans Carefully Listen to Our Libertarian Candidates
Dear Fellow Libertarian,
I’ve got to get this off my chest before I explode!
During the critical, last 6 weeks before Election Day, 4 times as many Americans will tune in and turn on to political candidates as did during the first 8 months of this year.
That’s right, 40 million Americans watched and listened to candidates during the first 8 months of this year, while over 150 million will pay attention during the fast-approaching last 6 weeks before Nov. 6th.
This is why Republican and Democratic campaign pollsters are tracking Libertarian Presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson’s campaign in weekly polls…in tipping point states.
This is why Republican Party Insiders hired $800-an-hour lawyers, wearing $3,000 suits, to try to kick our Libertarian Presidential Ticket off the ballot in Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
This is why it matters that we just beat them in Iowa, Ohio and Virginia – and why we’re working hard to win our cases in Michigan, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.
This is why THE major New Media News Sources are regularly covering our Libertarian candidates? Huffington Post, Drudge Report, Politico, Fox, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, LA Times, NPR, ABC, CBS, and NBC.
The Final 6 Weeks Effect!
During these last 6 weeks of the 2012 Campaigns, we can easily, effectively, quickly, and cheaply reach out and bring in massive numbers of libertarian-leaning people. New voters, supporters, and members – who are tuned in now.
4 Times as many voters as we could attract during the last 8 months!
Look at what’s already breaking and brewing.
“Gov. Gary Johnson Polls 4.3% against Obama and Romney

  • finds new nationwide Zogby Poll of likely voters (8/31-9/3) “

Here are a few things the new Zogby Poll reveals:

  • 10.1% of Independent Voters plan to cast their ballots for Libertarian Presidential nominee Gov.Gary Johnson
  • 7.5% of Hispanic voters plan to vote for him
  • 7.0% of 18-29 year old voters plan to vote for him
  • 5.9% of 30-49 year old voters plan to vote for him

Imagine what this can mean for media coverage for our Libertarian Presidential Ticket – Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray – during the last 6 weeks.
Think of the ‘Coattails Effect’ it may have for news coverage and votes for our 500+ Libertarian Party candidates from coast to coast.
A former George Bush campaign insider told us, “Your Libertarian Presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson may determine who wins this Presidential campaign.”
You and I and our fellow Libertarians can seize this huge opportunity – IF we’re ready for the last 6 weeks before Election Day.
We have to think fast and move fast – to give YOU the maximum benefits of this 6 week super opportunity for Libertarian candidates and the Libertarian Party.
Will you help us help you seize this 6-week Libertarian Party opportunity?
Will you help us win our court cases and government ballot challenges in Michigan, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania?
Will you help us finish work on Libertarian Ballot status in the last 7 states?
This is the time that every dollar you donate – or every volunteer hour you put in – produces 4 to 6 times the impact.
If you can possibly donate $10,000 or $5,000 or $2,500 now, you can make a huge difference now. Will you please make this generous donation today?
Will you, can you donate $1,500 or $850 now – during these maximum-impact last 6 weeks?
If you can contribute $250 or $500 today, will you please?
Or $35 or $85 or $150. Won’t you please help us help you advance liberty?
Please either click and donate now or mail your donation to the address below with “ballot access” in the memo.
Your donation gets the LP on the ballot. Your donation gets us votes this November 6th. Your donation builds the Libertarian Party. Thank you.
Yours in liberty,

Carla Howell, Executive Director
Libertarian Party
P.S. We’re almost out of money. We have barely enough time. Please help our Libertarian Party candidates get on the ballot, get coverage, and get votes – NOW. Will you please donate $25 or $50 or $100 or $1,000. Your donation is our budget.

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