Get Gary in the Debates! Moneybomb and National Fundraising Telethon

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Exactly two weeks from the first Presidential Debate, the campaign will be holding a Moneybomb and National Fundraising Telethon with the goal of raising $50,000. The event will take place Wednesday September 19th.

A fundraising program will be live-streamed that evening. Our goal is to have on-the-ground house parties watching the program in all 50 states. The program will be run twice, at 7:30 Eastern and again at 7:30 Pacific.

We hope to raise $50,000 to make a final push to help Gary take his rightful place at the podium alongside Obama and Romney. The program will feature our new commercials, as well as the finalists for the video contest.


In addition to the all-day moneybomb, you can hold a local viewing party for the National Fundraising Telethon! The program will run at 7:30 PM Eastern, and 7:30 PM Pacific.

What you need:

A Location: This can be anywhere you’d like! Your house, apartment, a dining hall, a club, the back room of a restaurant, anywhere you can take donations and set up a way to watch the program!

An Internet Connection: The program will be live streamed via the internet, and only available to those at the viewing parties.

Enthusiasm! This will be a great event with each party in competition with the others across the nation to raise the most money for the campaign! Prizes include personal phone calls from candidates, memorabilia and more!

Also, there will be tons of stuff to give away to supporters, and we will provide all of the hosts with the tools necessary to make this a great event!

Those interested in hosting an event should check their state Facebook pages, and email christopherthrasher.

The cost to watch at one of these parties will be a $25 donation. Think of this as a sort of telethon, with live total updates, as well as prizes for the events that raise the most money!

If you are unable to host a party, check on your state Facebook pages to find the viewing party nearest you! We hope to see you there!

Christopher S. Thrasher
National Fundraising Coordinator
Gary Johnson for President 2012christopherthrasher
(317) 941-8388

We have a 3rd choice, the right choice, and an Electable Choice.

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