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Gary Johnson is Hosting another AMA on Reddit!

Due to popular demand, Gov. Johnson will host his third AMA on Reddit this Wednesday, September 26th at 11:00 am EDT!

Reddit.com is a popular social news website where users submit articles, images, and other content. Other users then vote the submission “up” or “down”, which is used to rank the post and determine its position on the site’s pages and front page.

A popular feature on Reddit is “IAmA” (“I am a… “) and “AMA” (“ask me anything”). Celebrities, politicians, and other notable people – such as President Obama, Jimmy Kimmel, Ron Paul, Stephen Colbert, and Neil Degrasse Tyson – answer questions from the Reddit community during the AMA. Gov. Johnson hosted an AMA a few weeks ago, and received nearly 10,000 questions!

More information on Gov. Johnson’s AMA will be available on September 26th at http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA.

Libertarian candidate calls for withdrawing from Middle East

September 18, 2012
Los Angeles Times
By Colby Itkowitz

Little-known presidential candidate Gary Johnson gave an answer that would create a media firestorm if delivered by Barack Obama or Mitt Romney: the United States should get out of the Middle East.

Johnson, a Libertarian who is on 47 state ballots and fighting petition challenges in the other three, including Pennsylvania, suggested that the U.S. presence in the Middle East is abetting unrest in the region.

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I Like Gary Johnson

September 19, 2012
The Patriot Post
By John Stossel

All political candidates call themselves freedom-lovers, but they are not. Neither major party really opposes government control of the economy or of our personal lives. I’m a libertarian because I see the false choice offered by political left and right: Democrats talk about personal liberty; Republicans talk about economic freedom. But what they do once in power belies their words.

I say we’re best off if government just leaves us alone to our peaceful cooperation with whomever we please. Let politicians advocate moral behavior. Let them give to charities. But leave government — which is physical force — out of it.

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Gary Johnson: ‘These people are let down by the two-party system’

September 20, 2012
The Guardian
By Ed Pilkington

Amid all the flip-flopping and dissembling of the 2012 election, it comes as a bit of a shock to hear one of the presidential candidates say that his interest in politics stemmed from the first time he smoked dope. But then there is much about Gary Johnson, the Libertarian party’s nominee for the White House, that is strikingly out of the mould.

“I think marijuana played a role in my libertarianism, because when in 1970 I smoked it for the first time I realized that everything the government said about it was a lie,” he said. “You know, you smoke marijuana, you’re going to go crazy, you’ll want to commit crime, you are going to go to the depths and never return … None of that was true.”

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Gary Johnson has best ever haul

September 20, 2012
By Dave Levinthal

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson had his best fundraising month ever in August, but the money remains a pittance compared with the tens of millions of dollars President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are raising. Johnson’s $356,406 last month largely came in the form of modest contributions from hundreds of individuals, new federal records show.

The former New Mexico governor, who initially sought the Republican Party’s presidential nomination this year, also received $73,692 in public matching funds from a federal program both Obama and Romney have rejected.

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Spoiler Alert: Meet Gary Johnson, Libertarian

September 20, 2012
Bloomberg Businessweek
By Ira Boudway

Gary Johnson was governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003. He made a name for himself by vetoing 750 bills that didn’t meet his standards for thrift. Before that, Johnson made a fortune in construction, starting as a solo Albuquerque handyman in 1974 and selling his 1,000-employee company, Big J Enterprises, for $10 million in 1999. Johnson likes to ski, hike, and cycle. He has completed 75 triathlons and climbed Mt. Everest while healing from a broken leg. Also, he is running for president.

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Why Gary Johnson Won’t Shut Up About Marijuana

September 21, 2012
The Atlantic
By Molly Ball

In reporting my profile of Gary Johnson in this month’s issue of The Atlantic, one of the things I discovered is that his advisers used to tell him not to talk about pot so much. It made him too easy to pigeonhole as the stoner candidate, not to be taken seriously.

But in his 2012 campaign as the nominee of the Libertarian Party, Johnson has instead made marijuana legalization one of his signature issues. In an ad he hopes to air, highlighted by Conor Friedersdorf in July, Johnson calls President Obama a hypocrite for continuing to prosecute pot smokers even though, as David Maraniss’s recent biography revealed, Obama was a member of a high-school dope-smoking clique called the Choom Gang.

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In Three-Way Race Obama Leads Romney 49-42, Johnson Gets 6 Percent

September 21, 2012
By Emily Ekins

A new national Reason-Rupe poll of likely voters finds President Barack Obama leading Republican Mitt Romney 48 percent to 43 percent in the presidential race. When undecided voters are asked which way they are leaning Obama’s lead over Romney grows to 52-45.

President Obama holds large advantages among women (53-37), African-Americans (92-2) and Hispanics (71-18). Fifty-two percent of likely voters view Obama favorably, while 45 view him unfavorably. In contrast, 49 percent of likely voters have an unfavorable view of Mitt Romney and 41 percent have a favorable view of him.

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Gary Johnson Files Anti-Trust Lawsuit To Get Into Presidential Debates

September 21, 2012
By Zeke Miller

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson filed an anti-trust lawsuit in federal court Friday to try to force his way into next month’s presidential debates.

Johnson, who first sought the GOP primary nomination before launching a third-party bid, is suing the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates and both the Democratic and Republican parties, calling the CPD a “conspiracy.”

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Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Planted the Seeds for an Independent Voter Revolution

September 22, 2012
By Christopher McDaniel

Rasmussen has been tracking party affiliation in the United States for some time. Most recently, the site’s poll indicates that of the 238 million Americans over the age of 18, 37.6% self-identify as Republicans, while 33.3% identify as Democrats, and 29.2% are other. So how do those numbers look in re to the population?

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Gary Johnson Sues To Get Into Presidential Debates

September 24, 2012
U.S. News & World Report
By Kenneth Walsh

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson has filed a lawsuit to win a spot in the presidential debates that start in Denver on Oct. 3.

It’s unlikely that he will succeed, but Johnson argues that the private Commission on Presidential Debates, along with the Democratic and the Republican parties, are unfairly blocking him from participating. Only President Barack Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney are being allowed to debate.

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