What if an honest politician existed?

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The two most misguided notions held in America:
1) Our Government wouldn’t really do that to us
2) If they did, they would tell us about it on TV
Tired of bad TV ads, political rhetoric, and the 2 battling parties? 
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America has a viable alternative.
What if an honest politician existed?…
You’d never see him on TV.
The “Official” Presidential debates on TV are FAKE! 
ONE guy is doing something about it:
Why is this important to you?
Gary Johnson is fighting for the right for ALL third party candidates to be able to participate in the national debates now and in the future.
Who is Gary Johnson?
He’s the VERY ELECTABLE third party secret you won’t see on TV.
He WILL BE ON YOUR BALLOT in all 50 states!
Are Americans ready for a third party? 
Yes they are — 40% are dissatisfied with the parties, Pew Research Poll (Sept. 24, 2012):
Let’s face it, the 2 Party politicians have been serving themselves, not you.  And the media is only interested in pitting the Big 2 against each other – for RATINGS.
Unless you act now, this year the “official” debates, will again deprive Americans of hearing GARY JOHNSON or any other third party.
5 SIMPLE (no cost) Things you can do to help third parties get in the Debates:
1. When pollsters call choose “other”
2. Let the debate commission know you want to see all candidates debate: comments@debates.org
3. Sign the petitions: 
4. Especially if you’re tired of the 2 parties – Get out and vote THIS YEAR!  You don’t have be a registered Libertarian to vote Libertarian.
5. Forward THIS EMAIL!  
Gary Johnson is a successful businessman and still popular two term governor of New Mexico.
He is the Libertarian Party candidate running for President in 2012.
The LP is the third largest party in the US — you might be a Libertarian!
Gary Johnson is the proven, practical candidate. The only honest voice in the race.
He got on all the state ballots the hard way – by petitions
Gary Johnson deserves to be in the Debates.
Get the whole story here about the Debates shutout & Johnson’s third party run vs. the duopoly:
John Stossel endorses Gary Johnson:
Did you know Drew Carey and Penn Jillette are registered Libertarians?

A few political commercials that will make you smile. 
America needs a Handyman:
Gary Johnson on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/govgaryjohnson
Gary Johnson on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/GovGaryJohnson
Ironman Triathlete Mountain climber Gary Johnson runs for President 2012
(photo link: http://www.mountainguides.com/photos/everest-south/summit03-gary-dave.jpg)
LET GARY JOHNSON and all third party candidates DEBATE!

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This is YOUR country.  Stand up for your right to the truth.