Two Sponsors Pull Out of Debates

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Ronald T. Nielson

Senior Advisor

Gov. Gary Johnson


Two Sponsors Pull Out From Debates Over Exclusion Of Gary Johnson

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Wow. Remember the days when no one had even heard of Gov. Gary Johnson?

Well, thanks to thousands of supporters across the country, the Commission on Presidential Debates – and more importantly the companies and organizations who give them money – are hearing a LOT about the Governor. And they are hearing the truth about the private organization that calls itself a Commission and has rigged the system to make sure voters only see and hear the Republican and Democrat candidates for President.

We are still fighting the exclusion of Governor Johnson from the debates. We’ve gone to Federal Court, and thousands of Americans are flooding the debate sponsors with emails, phone calls and Facebook posts, causing at least two of those sponsors to pull their support and their money.

Please go towww.garyjohnson2012.com today and make sure we have the funding to keep up this extremely crucial fight.

While we don’t know yet whether the debate commission will listen, we do know for a fact that their phone lines and email inboxes are being overwhelmed. And we know they are being hit where it hurts: their wallets. But most important, we are seeing first-hand the power of Americans who support Liberty and who want a non-interventionist, socially tolerant and true small government advocate – like Governor Johnson – to be heard.

This outcry is gratifying, but we can’t stop there. We must continue to drive home Governor Johnson’s message – regardless of whether the Republicans and Democrats will allow it to be heard tomorrow night. Our radio ads, our thousands of volunteers, and our social media campaigns are working. But Governor Johnson needs your help to keep Liberty in this election. Your support is making the difference, and your contribution today at www.garyjohnson2012.com will allow us to keep building the amazing momentum we are seeing right now.

Americans may or may not see Governor Johnson on the stage in Denver tomorrow night – we can’t control that, despite our best efforts. But you CAN make sure Americans are hearing his message on their radios, on their computers and on their TV’s. Your contribution – large or small – at www.garyjohnson2012.com today will make sure Governor Johnson is not silenced by the two “major” parties and their rigged debates.

Polls all over the country continue to show Governor Johnson’s impact on the presidential race, especially in key swing states. That impact will continue to grow with your help. Liberty, freedom and non-intervention MUST be represented in this election. Don’t let Gov. Johnson be silenced.

Thank you, as always, for your friendship and support.

Ron Nielson

Senior Advisor

Governor Gary Johnson

P.S. IF Governor Johnson is not allowed to debate tomorrow night, you can see and hear his commentary and reactions on Google+ and Twitter.


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