Who Won the Debate?

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Ronald T. Nielson
Senior Advisor/ Campaign Manager
Gov. Gary Johnson


Last night, there was one candidate for president whose followers on Twitter increased by 7,000.

There was one candidate who had so many people trying to watch him that it overloaded Google+.

One candidate didn’t have to try to explain his plan for government-run health care – because he doesn’t have one, and never had one. He doesn’t think government should even try to run health care. If you agree, go to www.garyjohnson2012.com right now and show your support.

There was even a candidate who didn’t claim he would balance the budget without cutting Medicare spending or reducing federal education dollars. He was the candidate actually telling the truth.

And that same candidate for president didn’t dance around questions about taxes. He’s the only candidate who isn’t afraid to offend the beneficiaries of crony capitalism and the tax code it loves.

The candidate who WON last night was Gov. Gary Johnson – and he wasn’t even allowed on the stage. He wasn’t allowed on the stage for the very same reason that he won. He told the truth, and the Republicans and Democrats didn’t want any truth being told on the stage they had bought and paid for. Truth hurts when you’ve presided over too many wars we don’t need to fight, racking up a $16 trillion debt, and putting millions of Americans out of work. But if you agree that the truth needs to be heard, go to www.garyjohnson2012.com and help America hear it!

We’re still fighting to get Gov. Johnson the podium he deserves for the next debates. Three sponsors of the debates have already pulled out after hearing from tens of thousands of Americans who have finally figured out the system is rigged – and we’re just getting started.

But in the meantime, Gov. Johnson will NOT be silenced. Last night, tens of thousands of people watched his on-line commentary and responses as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney nibbled around the edges of problems that must be devoured. And even the media is paying attention. Since yesterday, Larry King, Fox Business, Alex Jones and even Mike Huckabee have given Gov. Johnson the chance to speak that the so-called Debate Commission refuses to give him.

Liberty, truth, and bold ideas add up to a message that can’t be silenced forever. But it is a message that needs your help now in order to make a real difference in November. Please go to www.garyjohnson2012.com today and make a contribution that will broadcast the truths the Republicans and Democrats don’t want America to hear.

We are on the move and climbing fast. Don’t let our momentum fade. Your contribution will keep us on the path to making history in 33 days.

Thank you.

Ron Nielson
Senior Advisor / Campaign Manager
Governor Gary Johnson

P.S. Did you see this video? Tuesday night, hundreds came out to see and hear Gov. Johnson, and got a little carried away. And this was in Utah, Mitt Romney’s “strongest” state!



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