Double The LP – exciting campaign to grow the Libertarian party

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“Imagine twice as many libertarian party members, twice as many libertarian voters, twice as many libertarian volunteers and donors, twice as many libertarian candidates and activists. And Double the Libertarian vote totals every election!”
Introducing “Double The LP,” the first big push in over a decade to dramatically grow Libertarian Party membership using cutting edge technology. You can become a part of the history that we are creating! Visit the campaign website: www.DoubleTheLP.com to learn more and get involved.
The concept of this campaign is simple: each member will bring in at least one new member to double the size of the Libertarian Party!
You play a vital role in the success of the Double The LP Campaign. There are many activities you can do to help “Double The LP.” Visit www.DoubleTheLP.com to learn more.
3 Minute Activist: You can help by investing just 3 mins check out this link to see how: http://doublethelp.com/involved/3mins

Cutting Edge Technology! Double The LP has invested in amazing technology to enable members to use social media and their contacts to spread the word about the Libertarian Party. Once you join, you will get your own campaign page that you can share and get credit for referring others to join. Then, promote your page to your friends, family, and other liberty minded people via email, social media and more!
WHY NOW? The American public is ready for an alternative to the two worn out parties. A recent USA Today article shows that voters are leaving the Republican and Democratic parties in droves, “More than 2.5 million voters have left the Democratic and Republican parties since the 2008 elections, while the number of independent voters continues to grow.”
Now is the time to come together for our common goal of protecting our natural and individual rights.
Now is the time for us to “Unite for Liberty!”
Here is what you can do to help:
I am an enthusiastic member of the LP: Become a Campaign Ambassador; earn money from referrals by signing up with our technology and telling the world about the LP. Click here to learn more: http://doublethelp.com/tools/ambassador
I am a State Chair: Set up a campaign page for your state party, invite members to join and schedule an event on October 26th for Double The LP and meet the candidate. Learn more: http://doublethelp.com/tools/state
I am a Libertarian Candidate: One last big push before the election! Create a campaign page and work with your state party and other candidates to schedule a huge event for Double The LP Meet the Candidates night to broaden your base of voters. Learn more: http://doublethelp.com/tools/candidates
All events across the country will be listed here: http://doublethelp.com/events
Join the Libertarian Party today by following this link- www.DoubleTheLP.com or go directly to the campaign software: Double The LP
Thank you very much and we hope that you get involved!

Brett H. Pojunis & Jillian A. Mack
Libertarian National Committee members
Double The LP Campaign creators
This is a project created and managed privately by 2 members of the Libertarian National Committee to quickly and effectively double the libertarian party membership.
For more information and contacts visit: http://doublethelp.com/involved/contact.

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