Gary Johnson Insider Newsletter for October 15th

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The Latest and Most Inside Information Available on the Johnson/Gray Campaign

Gary Johnson Sign-Waving Day, October 17th & 19th

Gary Johnson supporters from coast to coast are invited to the Nationwide Gary Johnson Sign-Waving Day, on Wednesday, October 17th AND Friday, October 19th. Grab your Gary Johnson signs, find a busy street corner in your home town, and wave your support for Liberty!

Now is the time to get as much exposure as we can. We want this to be a huge, coast-to-coast event! Invite your friends, bring food, and have fun! The nationwide Gary Johnson Sign-Waving Day will work as follows:

  • Pick a high traffic area, like a downtown street corner at rush hour. Alternately, you can hang homemade banners and signs on highway overpasses.
  • Create an event on Facebook to organize a time and place to meet in your area. Try to have a number of locations across your city or state!
  • Wave yard signs, posters, any homemade signs you’d like, and make noise, noise, noise!
  • Please take pictures of your sign-waving event and share these pictures to social media!

As an added bonus, we ask everyone to email their creative pictures from nationwide Gary Johnson Sign-Waving Day to CampaignTrailPics: the best, most creative pictures will be used in an official campaign video, and will be shared on Gov. Johnson’s social media!

So get out there, make some signs, and make some noise!

#GaryJohnsonHasMyVote Twitter Bomb: TOMORROW, October 15th

Mark your calendar: there will be a Gary Johnson and Jim Gray Twitter bomb tomorrow, October 15th at 5:30 pm PDT / 6:30 pm MDT / 7:30 pm CDT / 8:30 pm EDT.

This week’s Twitter bomb will begin 30 minutes before the Presidential debate, using the hashtag #GaryJohnsonHasMyVote. Please try to reference @GovGaryJohnson if possible.

  • For example: Gary Johnson surpasses @MittRomney on fiscal responsibility & @BarackObama on civil liberties. #GaryJohnsonHasMyVote @GovGaryJohnson
  • For example: #GaryJohnsonHasMyVote Gary Johnson believes all governance needs to occur under the strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution.
  • For example: Democrats & Republicans have lost touch with the people. Learn about @GovGaryJohnson & the Libertarian Party. #GaryJohnsonHasMyVote

Please invite your friends, your family, your co-workers, and EVERYONE to tweet #GaryJohnsonHasMyVotetomorrow, October 15th at 5:30 pm PDT / 6:30 pm MDT / 7:30 pm CDT / 8:30 pm EDT.

For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/GaryJohnsonTwitterArmy