How to make signs for Gary Johnson Sign Waving Day!

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Today is Nationwide Gary Johnson Sign-Waving Day… And You’re Invited!
Gary Johnson supporters from coast to coast are invited to theNationwide Gary Johnson Sign-Waving Day, TODAY, October 19th.
We’ve already held three Sign-Waving Days so far and have received hundreds of pictures; we believe that today will be our biggest and most successful day yet!
However, we know a number of you have had questions about how to make signs, so we’ve included suggestions on how to have a successful Sign-Waving Day.
Please make sure to:

  • CampaignTrailPics.


Sign Material

  • Coroplast White (Plastic Cardboard)
  • 4mm Gauge, 48″x96″ Sheets
  • One sheet makes four 24″x48″ signs.
  • When you cut, make sure the ribs follow the long direction of the sign. That way it’s stronger and the cut is easier.
  • Check sign shops and similar stores.

What to Write With?

  • We buy “Glass Chalk” in Walmart’s automotive section. Get both Red and Black.

Lay Them Out To Dry!

  • If you make mistakes, you can erase with rubbing alcohol and fix it.
  • You’re almost ready for your sign rally. The next step is finding your best location. We’ll cover that next.

Be Creative

  • Cardboard, paint, stickers, chalk… anything will work!
  • The most important part is that your sign is visible from a distance.


Traffic Volume Maps

  • The first thing you’ll need is a Traffic Volume Map.
  • Many areas have these available online. Search “My City/County Traffic Volume Map”
  • Find the streets with the highest Traffic Numbers and choose two or three as possibilities.

Location Scouting

  • Now we have to scout our locations. Suitable locations need to be:
  • Safe. Make sure there’s a sidewalk or a wide median to stand on.
  • Clear. You don’t want too many trees, driveways, or other obstacles that will interfere with your position.
  • Make sure you’ll be on the right side of the road to face the heavy traffic. This will be opposite for morning and afternoon.
  • Avoid having your back to the sun if possible.
  • Try to be present during morning traffic or afternoon traffic, if possible.

Distance of SIgns

  • Your signs will be separated 40 steps apart from each other.
  • Your first sign should be at least 20-40 steps from the nearest corner. Count it out and find that spot.
  • Is that a safe place with a clear view of traffic?
  • Repeat until you know that you can place up to seven volunteers safely.
  • Make sure there’s adequate parking for all of your volunteers.
  • Leave any prime parking to retail stores if they need it.
  • Now you’re ready for your sign rally!



  • Recruiting and encouraging volunteers is your most important job.
  • Passionate volunteers are what make this campaign different.
  • This is very rewarding work for volunteers. Once they get out there and see the response, they will recognize the impact you’re making.
  • As people sign up, invite them to invite their friends.

Before the Sign Rally

  • Start calling and inviting volunteers as soon as you have a location.
  • Call all of your volunteers if possible. Confirm and encourage those who’ve agreed to be there, and invite the rest one last time.
  • Email is a good follow up and reminder of details, but it does not replace the phone calls.


  • Time your rallies to meet morning and afternoon traffic. You’ll reach more people, and they’ll have more time to read your signs.
  • Keep your rallies to about one hour each. This shows respect for your volunteer’s time, and will help to ensure you don’t wear them out.

Rally Time!

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. If you aren’t there, volunteers will not always wait for you.
  • Use sidewalk chalk to mark locations for your volunteers to stand.
  • Place the first mark according to the location scouting document.
  • Make a solid circle about the size of the palm of your hand with a “1” next to it.
  • Walk forty normal steps and make number two the same way. Mark all seven locations even if you’re expecting fewer people. You never know who’ll show up.
  • Your volunteers are the most important part of this event by far. The signs are a distant second.
  • You’ll need to coach and encourage your volunteers as they arrive, and throughout the event.

Sign holders should:

  • Smile and wave! Their smile is by far their best asset.
  • Look into the car and smile at the driver – hold the sign still.
  • They don’t need to spin or wiggle the sign. People will see it.
  • Stay on their location. Many will want to pace a little, but keep them within a few feet of their assigned mark.
  • Hold their sign at a right angle to the street. This is the best angle for drivers to see it.

Good luck waving your Gary Johnson signs! Don’t forget to send your pictures to CampaignTrailPics.

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Josh Rawdon
Co-Director, Ohio for Gary Johnson 2012