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Vote Libertarian!

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Libertarian Party

Vote Libertarian — or Please Don’t Vote!
Dear Libertarian,
Please. Tomorrow morning, go to the polls and vote Gov. Gary Johnson for president – and vote for every other Libertarian Party candidate on your ballot.
Your vote for Libertarian presidential candidate Governor Gary Johnson tomorrow will have 10 times the impact of a vote for Obama or Romney. Because your vote may well determine the outcome of the 2012 election. It’s that close.
For years, Republicans have told us “Don’t vote Libertarian because it doesn’t make any difference.”
This year, they’re telling us “Don’t vote Libertarian – because it does.”
That’s the dirty little secret. Their Republican excuses change. But their mantra remains: “Don’t vote Libertarian.”
Now’s your chance to tell them to go to hell.
Now’s your chance to give them something to really whine about.
Because liberty is on the rise.
Your Libertarian vote is a message they can’t ignore.
Your Libertarian vote is a message they’ll never forget.
As Harry Browne said, “Isn’t it a great time to be a Libertarian?”
Have you planned out your day tomorrow to get to the polls?
Have you reviewed your ballot (many are available to see online) to know exactly how to vote for each choice on your ballot? There are ballot measures in many states you can vote on. Have you planned how you’ll vote on them?
Are there any people in your life you haven’t asked yet to vote Libertarian – who may be influenced by your asking?
Need more reasons to vote Libertarian? Check out 5 Ways your Libertarian Vote Can Change the World by Mark Grannis, LP candidate for Congress.
Now’s your chance to make a difference.
There’s nothing that speaks louder – than votes for liberty. It’s the only thing Big Government politicians can hear.
There’s nothing you can do to change government policy more than to cast you vote — for liberty. For every Libertarian Party candidate.
Yours in liberty,
Carla Howell
Executive Director
National Libertarian Party


Gary Johnson to be a Major Factor in Who Wins Ohio

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Libertarian Gary Johnson to be a major factor in who wins Ohio Tuesday

COLUMBUS—Only those who have factored in the presence of Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson on Tuesday’s ballot have a chance at predicting who will win Ohio’s 18 Electoral College votes and the presidency.

A CNN poll released Friday had Johnson coming in at 5 percent in Ohio when his name, along with other alternative party candidates, was included in the poll.

Johnson, a former two-term governor of New Mexico, is on the ballot in 49 states plus the District of Columbia, and has been polling as high as 10 percent in some states.

“Voters are sick of the two big-government parties and their unwavering support for growing defecits, wasteful foreign wars, and disappearing civil liberties,” said Kevin Knedler, Libertarian Party of Ohio chair. “Gary Johnson voters aren’t buying the Romney and Obama hype and a lot of people are going to be very surprised at our vote total Tuesday.”

Media members wishing to speak with Knedler, Political Director Bob Bridges, or Communications Director Aaron Keith Harris should call 937-825-0204 or emailnews.

Gov. Johnson at 5% in OHIO!

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Governor Gary Johnson Campaign 2012
November 3, 2012

With the election 3 days away, we’re all busy. So I’ll keep this short.

Polls released in the past couple of days show us with 5% in Ohio and 4% in Colorado !

I was in Ohio yesterday, and I can tell you first-hand that the excitement for sending a strong message of Liberty on Tuesday is growing. Take a look at this photo and article: “Vote for the Person You Believe In”

We have talked about how much it will mean if we can achieve 5% on Tuesday. If we can do that, it literally alters the American political landscape for years to come – regardless of who wins on Tuesday.

These polls, and others around the country, show that we are CLOSE – really close.

Our TV ads are running in key markets around the country, but Monday morning we can increase the number of ads that will run Monday and Tuesday. With polling numbers like the ones we are seeing, those additional TV spots could be critical.

But we can’t write the checks Monday without knowing we have the funds. Please go to www.garyjohnson2012.com this weekend and contribute what you can. Time is obviously short, but your contribution before Monday morning will let us hit the airwaves with the additional advertising we need to finish as strongly as possible.

I’m on my way to Washington DC for two final debates and some last-minute media appearances. I hope I can count on you to go towww.garyjohnson2012.com today and help us hit that important 5%!

Thanks for your support and your friendship. This is exciting!

pngGovernor Gary Johnson


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Action Item: Contact the Media!

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Let them speak!

We need your help!

Contact the Media!

Hey supporter,

We are calling on all supporters to get the word out and contact the following media outlets and ask them to support our efforts to let the candidates be heard. Please be respectful. We want to build good relationships moving forward.









Thank you so much for your continued support! Together we can make this debate better than the last. Lets spread the word!

Free and Equal

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